domingo, 24 de abril de 2016

Succubi in New York, de Nina Harper

Livro que pertence a uma série, da qual somente li este. É agradável mas no fim ficamos à espera de mais, o que não acontece fica para o próximo livro, suponho.
WHEN YOUR JOB IS DISPATCHING CREEPS TO THE HEREAFTER, A GOOD MAN IS HARD TO FIND. Lily loves working for Satan. Being one of Her Chosen means a gig filled with fashion, food, and the best supernatural gal pals a succubus could imagine. Still, being dumped by the first mortal she’d fallen in love with in centuries has put Lily in a serious funk.
IF THINGS GET ANY HOTTER, LILY MIGHT GET BURNED. . . .Nathan Coleman bolted because he couldn’t handle Lily’s inner demon, but blond, buff, blue-eyed Marten is a delicious distraction, and he’s one of her own kind. Only Lily’s not sure she can trust him–especially when her best friend’s demon boyfriend is kidnapped, the ranks of the Hierarchy of Hell are gunning for her downfall, and Lily’s dashing P.I. beau is back on the scene, rekindling flames. Two men, too much temptation, and assassins closing in–if Lily survives, who claims her heart?
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