terça-feira, 10 de janeiro de 2017

Allied with the allien

2º volume da série, livro pequeno, agradável mas sem grandes conflitos e logo tudo se encontra bem para o promissor casal. Em relação aos mundos encontrados um pouco vago, personagens pouco desenvolvidas.
Stephine Willovitch isn't sure about trusting the Eiztar warriors. She's practical, logical, and not terribly fond of strangers. As far as she remembered, she'd just entered her pod moments ago. Torpor gas had kept her still for the past 36 hours. But apparently Captain Taryn had gotten them all involved with a bunch of rebels, and now they were on the run from some sort of alien snake men. Stephine would follow orders, but she couldn't be ordered to trust the man paired with her - Dojan Cholsad-. Tall, blond, stunningly handsome - and annoyingly friendly - she certainly wasn't going to put up with any of this bonding nonsense. But when Dojan is in danger, her heart isn't listening to her head. Allied to the Alien is the second in a linked series of steamy science fiction alien romance short stories about Captain Taryn and her crew. 
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