domingo, 31 de julho de 2016

Frases indiscutivelmente verdadeiras

"No home isn't a place, sometimes it's not even a someone. Sometimes it's a something. Something you carry everywhere you go. Something that keeps you moving, feeling, living. Home is hope. As long as I can feel the beating of my heart, I have hope because I have life. Something within walls can be empty, maybe there's no furniture or people, but within me there is substance. My blood is fuel surging to my home; my veins are friends who carry it. My breath expands my lungs to give my home an open window. And when I hurt, my heart hurts with me, every single time. When I cry, my home doesn't wipe my tears because it cries, too. Most important, when I love, my heart expands because a home grows bigger when it fills with joy."

in C. L. Scholey. (2016) Citun's Storm. Torrid Books. Cap. 10, Pág. 3

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