segunda-feira, 12 de maio de 2014

Frases indiscutivelmente verdadeiras

"My 'issues' weren't immediately obvious. By the time I met Nate my outward appearance was nothing bothered me, that year after year of being called fat and ugly hadn't done a thing except to spur me on to success. No one, except maybe Adele, knew that beneath my adult venner, beneath my confidence and great job and ability to sleep with good-looking men, beat the heart of a terrified girl.
The outside world, and even to an extent Adele, was taken in by my outward appearance; the impenetrable, polished image I diligently maintained. People truly believed I was cool and haughty, confident and capable. Nate had seen through me. He discovered almost straight away the thing that terrified me more than anything else. My ultimate phobia? People."
in Koomson, Dorothy. (2006) My best friend's girl. Sphere. London. Pág. 30

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